Smith, Finley

As a trained educator, I understand the importance of creating effective, engaging E-learning content. I’ve had plenty of real world experience teaching students from ages 4-40, which helps me understand how to adjust my delivery to suit the intended audience. My strong content background in English, history, biology, and math (PK-8) also helps me better understand a broad range of technical vocabulary and learning objectives.

I’m best known for my conversational, youthful voice and character work: accents, child characters, creatures, animals, aliens, etc. My E-learning work thus far has included kids aps, science videos, textbooks, and corporate training.

I primarily work out of my broadcast-quality home studio, where I can offer either raw audio files or polished, mastered content with a full range of different file types and formats. I’m a dependable, motivated professional who enjoys partnering with clients to help solve problems as well as save time and money.

Phone: 1-617-870-3824

SAI Global, University of Utah GSLC, Agriculture in the Classroom, Bini Bambini