Cost-Efficient Voice Overs to Fit Your E-Learning Design Budget

It couldn’t be easier. Select the casting method that fits you and your project best.

Book Individual Talent Directly

Cast directly from the talent demos on or use our complimentary casting call service to receive auditions of your copy and choose exactly the right voice or voices for your project.

After you’ve made your casting decisions, simply contact any of our voice talents directly to agree on compensation and scheduling. Since is a cooperative venture of performers, there is never any additional fee or commission charged for direct bookings. All of our members personally guarantee the quality of their work and recordings, and provide Internet file delivery. They can also offer helpful advice, casting suggestions, and ideas that can help you to complete your project on time and on budget.

In most cases, you, the buyer owns recordings for the intended e-Learning use outright and no additional payments are necessary. Recordings used in additional media usually will incur additional payments.

Fees for the services of members of that belong to professional associations such as ACTRA, AFTRA, SAG, and UDA are subject to the contract terms of those organizations.

Directed Sessions: Should you prefer to direct the voice talent while he or she is recording your project feel free to ask if this service is available and if there are any charges.

Cast With The Unique ‘Price Per Produced Minute’ Approach You Asked For

Finally, e-learning design pros can plan and budget voice talent fees in advance! With our Price Per Produced Minute rate plan you know your total voice over talent costs…before you even pitch your multi-voice-project to your client! Best of all, you’ll have access to every one of our voice performers regardless of the size and scope of the role or roles you’re casting, all at a price that’s affordable and agreed to—in advance! From as few as two to fifty or more voices–we’ll supply the best and most experienced talent on time and on budget–for as low as $16.00 USD per minute.

Price Per Produced Minute
(Free Casting Call – Applies only to multi-voice projects of two or more Voices)

Program LengthUSD Fee per
produced minute
Completion ScheduleFee Range
(Min – Max)
10 to 59 minutes$25.0030 days$250 - $1,475
1+ – 3 hours$20.0030 days$1,200 - $3,600
3+ – 5 hours$18.0060 days$3,240 - $5,400
5+ – 10+ hours$16.0060 days$4,800 - $9,600

* Prices subject to change

You’ll pay one fee for all the voices required—no matter how many you need! Get the details on Price Per Produced Minute and see how much more efficiently you can budget the voice over portion of your instructional design. Our recordings are rounded to the next minute. For example 80 seconds is 2 minutes.

Contact us today and we’ll get to work on your VO Talent requirements right away!