Pricing Per Produced Minute Rate Plan

The Pricing Per Produced Minute Plan makes budgeting and executing your multi-voice project easy. With the Plan, you pay one price for as many voices as you need and manages the day-to-day recording process for you.

Taking advantage of the Plan starts with a free casting call. Give us your casting criteria. If we can’t supply the talent you need for your project, then there’s no further obligation on your part.

Talents auditioned through a casting call agree to the terms of the Pricing Per Produced Minute Plan and to do the job within budget and on time. By selecting talent through a casting call, you agree to the terms of the Pricing Per Produced Minute Plan.

Besides providing multiple talents for one price, will:

  • Review your script for typographical errors, pronunciations, timing, and any needed clarifications before the talent records the voiceover;
  • Ensure that straight narration talent maintains the appropriate overall style and attitude throughout the voice track;
  • Ensure consistency of character accents and dialects;
  • Arrange a phone patch, if you wish to direct a particular section of your script;
  • Audition your recordings to confirm they sound exactly as you intend them to be;
  • Ensure that your finished, approved voice tracks are delivered in the file format of your choice via email, ftp, or hard media;
  • Handle any paperwork you require from talent for your internal purposes.
  • After you approve the finished voice-over’s, pay all VO talents, so you don’t have to deal with multiple invoices

All of this for a 15% fee, with just one bill to pay regardless of how many performers you need. The Pricing Per Produced Minute Plan requires a 50% deposit, with the balance paid immediately upon completion of the project. In the event your project takes less recorded time than you estimated, we will credit any overpayment to your next project with us. If you need more recorded time, then we’ll bill those additional fees.

Editing: Talent delivers clean “cough edited” audio. Creating individually named files is considered production and is charged on a per file basis at one dollar US per file up to 100 files. Each additional file over the 100th file is 50 cents US each.

Here’s an example of a project priced through’s Pricing Per Produced Minute Plan:

Let’s say you estimate your project needs one hour of finished recorded voiceovers. Finished minutes are estimated from the original scripts word count with an average of 160 WPM (words per minute). Additions or changes to the script may be subject to additional charges. See our FAQ for more details. Your schedule allows a maximum of thirty days to complete the recordings. Checking the chart below, you can see the finished per produced minute for one to three hours is $20.00. That $20.00 rate applies to sixty to one hundred eighty minutes of finished voice work using virtually any number of voice talents. Your total cost is 60 minutes multiplied by $20.00 for a total of $1,200.00, plus 15% fee. Your total cost for one hour of finished voiceovers would be $1,380.00 whether you use two or fifty voices.

If you used all 180 minutes in our example, then your total cost would be $4,140.00. That’s one fee for all the voices you need! Our recordings are rounded to the next minute. For example 80 seconds is 2 minutes.

It should be noted that the Completion Schedule is our timeframe to supply your audio. This does not mean you must complete the project entirely at your end in this period. This could also be referred to as the Contract Duration.

Let show you how easy, efficient, and economical finding and hiring all the right voice talent can be!

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