Our Services

We’re a new and better way to discover and hire the voice talent you need for all your E-Learning projects.

No matter how big or small the part or how many voices you need, E-LearningVoices.com has an exclusive roster of experienced, professional E-Learning voice-over professionals who can do the job efficiently and economically.

You can contact and hire our members directly, or use our casting call service to audition and choose exactly the right voices for your project. Either way, you’ll always get the very best and most experienced e-learning voices on the planet.

Our clients have asked us for a new approach to pricing when they are faced with budgeting and casting complicated multi-voice projects. As a result, we’ve developed our unique and affordable ‘Price Per Produced Minute’ rate plan. Our roster of pro’s and our industry-driven pricing makes E-LearningVoices.com a true one-stop-shop! Click here to learn more.