Norman, Ax

Ax Norman has been the trusted voice for companies looking to educate their stakeholders, enhance their social standing or change their direction with integrity. When Sea World faced the difficult decision to phase out their killer whale performances, they trusted Ax with the honest, storytelling quality needed for the campaign.

When Bank of America wanted to educate its customers with, whom did they choose for reasonable, honest delivery? You guessed it.

BMW was struggling to convince its assembly plant workers to entrust their healthcare to its own in-house clinic. They needed a calm, steady voice to assure workers of their cost savings and quality of care.

NovoCure’s Optune system is for patients with GMT, Glioblastoma tumors of the brain. A vulnerable audience requires a sensitive delivery. This was highly technical terminology delivered with grace and dignity.

Whom did Microsoft entrust to patiently guide its customers to get “Service” for their “Surface?”

Guided tour for The Empire State Building? The Metropolitan Museum of Art? MoMA?

Clients like Disney, NBC Universal, Scholastic, Playskool, Nabisco, Intel, Humana, Lincoln Financial, Hilton, BMW, the US Navy and so many more know the value of approachability, expertise and care.

T: 917-859-9085
W: Ax
Luxury branding: Tourneau, Michael Kors and Essilor.
Top financial entities: Bloomberg, American Express, Bank of America, Schwab and JPMorgan Chase.
Family brands: LL Bean, Disney, Sam’s Club, Goya, Oreo, Playskool and Scholastic.
Caring organizations like Wounded Warrior, The Independence Fund and

Hilton, Nissan, BMW, NovoCare, Pfizer, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, PricewaterhouseCoopers,
KPMG, the IRS, Microsoft, Intel, the FAA, HRSA, EPA, FCC and many others.

PBS, Discovery Networks, the History Channel, A&E, the Bio Channel and more.

Tours for the Empire State Building, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, MoMA,
the Whitney, the National Park Service, the Royal Ontario Museum and much more.