News & Views Welcome

Thank you once again for subscribing to News & Views.

I would like to take a moment to tell you a little about myself and why I am starting this Newsletter. My background is private radio. From a DJ in small to large Canadian markets to Sales to Promotion to Radio Station Founder. Voiceover was a natural progression for me because I love the industry and clients seem to like what I offer.

I own and operate two Professional Voiceover websites, called P2P’s, and have been doing so since 2000. and The sites were created so I could promote chosen professionals, including myself. Strength in numbers…..but not too many numbers. All of my members have Direct Contact information on their listings….no secrets…..transparency and accountability is the key.

The Newsletter intention is to attract clients for my member talents and to also inform and update us “microphone people” as to what services are in demand. We want to know what you do and how you do it and I’m sure you can ask the same questions. Speaking of questions, you are always more than welcome to contact me personally and/or any of our member talents with anything from a question to a quote. The plan is for my Newsletters to be both Interactive (your input) and Proactive (thinking ahead).

So let’s get on with it. I’m going to keep News & Views fairly brief with a variety of topics from professional Voiceovers for your ELearning projects, ELearning Course creation and maintenance, Marketing Tips and general information how to grow your business. Please contact me with any queries/concerns/genius ideas.