Maynor, Melodie

I’m Melodie Maynor, a retired Air Force voice talent who has made the transition from the military to voice over with projects on guiding meditations, demonstrating skills for corporate customer service and helplines, and helping young people make safe decisions about their bodies (to name a few).

The military helped teach me to be timely, gave me a desire to produce quality products as efficiently as possible. Being a voice talent allows me to channel my creativity for you at the same time.

Are you working on an e-learning project? I can do that. Do you have a jewelry commercial in the works? That I can do!

Bottom line, I care about your project! I want all of us to be excited, happy, and proud of our results.

Phone: 1-702-494-7090
CVS, Allied BioScience, Yoga Day, Geek Nation Tours, Honda