May 2017


Thank you once again for subscribing to News & Views. I would like to take a moment to tell you a little about myself and why I am starting this Newsletter. My background is private radio. From a DJ in small to large Canadian markets to Sales to Promotion to Radio Station Founder. Voiceover was a natural progression for me because I love the industry and clients seem to like what I offer.

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Courvo’s E-Learning Advice

Here’s something really appropriate for both E-Learning Instructional Designers (ID’S) and E-Learning VO talents as well. The do’s and don’ts from both sides of the fence.

Expertly explained by my friend

Dave Courvoisier


Who’s Who in E-Learning

John Kissinger is no stranger to E-Learning Course creation and production. This in-depth article explains who does what and who you should contact for E-Learning VO work. You’ve either heard about or been hired by so many different job titles in the e-learning industry that your head is probably spinning trying to figure who to reach out to next for potential voice work. From ‘instructional designer’ to ‘learning strategist,’ ‘multimedia developer’ to ‘senior e-learning architect,’ you’ve heard them all. Where do you begin?

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Looking for E-Learning Clients?

Here is a link to an E-Learning Directory. You may want to phone first and ask to speak to an Instructional Designer and introduce yourself while asking for permission to send a demo.


Looking to join a FREE VO Talent Roster?

Here is a VO Talent site where you can register as a VO Talent


Coming Up Next Time
Let’s go get some answers:

  • Demo production. Why and how much?
  • Personal website. Do I really need one and what should I put on it?
  • Marketing my demo. Where do I start and how?
  • E-Learning. Organizational chart on E-Learning Job Titles
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