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Two professional Voiceover websites at $100 OFF EACH !!!

TransparencyAccountabilityHonestyStaying Power!

Websites were created in the year 2000 & 2007 to put you in control of your online casting experience.

All of your personal contact information is available both on our main listing pages and on your Personal pages to all visitors and clients. We do not retain any records of these meetings.  It’s your business, you are in Control 100%.

Never in 18 years have we charged a voice talent a fee or commission on a project. We charge the client! Plus…we pay you upon project completion. You receive EXACTLY what you quoted.

Unilingual/Single Language Membership
Do you record in other than North American English? Join in our Foreign language category reg $300 now only $150 for both websites including banners.
Example: Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, German etc.

Total retail value of this offer is $750.

NOW only $550 USD or $150 (Foreign language) for a full year membership on both professional VO websites including free Banner placement.

We will even create a banner for you at no additional charge

Contact the owner Rick Gordon to join or for more information

Tight Marketing Budget? No problem
Just choose either CV for $200 or E-LV for $250 including the Free banner run.
If you record in a foreign language invest $100 for either site.
Free banner run included here as well.

Member Testimonials

“I’ve been with for years. And I’ve gotten some great work from it through those years. I consider ELV to be part of my regular marketing strategy. Let’s face it: agents don’t handle eLearning. If you want to do eLearning you have to go get it yourself. is a great tool in my marketing toolbox.”


“ is the ONLY casting site I still belong to. And, I do so because your site is focused exclusively on the majority of what I do, your rate structure is clear and transparent, you pay invoices in a super timely manner, and you’re an all-around great guy to work with. Thank you for being you!”

“E-Learning Voices has been a great asset to my career.  Quality clients, easy to understand rate structure and Rick’s fantastic communication skills are just some of the benefits.  The targeted website makes it a valuable part of my marketing.”