Kissinger, John

John Kissinger has engaged, entertained, and educated learners from all over the world. At last count, he’d personally taught or trained over 50,000 learners from more than 70 countries…and that’s not counting his eLearning voiceover work!

As a professional voice talent, John has trained with some of the best voice actors, voiceover studios, and voice coaches in the business. And, he continues to train diligently, to provide you with unparalleled voiceover service and support.

As a learning professional, John is an American Business Award-winning instructional designer, a certified Master Trainer, a two-time graduate student in adult instruction and learning design, a former Adjunct Professor of Global Learning, and a learning strategist supporting global brands with their eLearning, training, customer experience, and culture change efforts.

John knows that what you do is both an art and a science. It’s challenging work that’s easy to underestimate. But it’s incredibly rewarding work when the finished product takes on a life of its own. Let John help you breathe life into your masterpiece and get it across the finish line on time!

Phone: 248-520-0037

Recent work:
• Ford Direct
• SKF International
• Domino’s Pizza
• Ford Customer Experience Movement
• Xperience Communications
• Johns Hopkins Mediccine