June 2017

Thank you once again for subscribing to News & Views. I would like to take a moment to tell you a little about myself. I have published a number of articles on VoiceOverXtra to com and I invite you to take a look at Are You The E-Learning Client’s Go-To VO Talent For More Work?


E-Learning Advice June 27th

VoiceOverXtra.com is offering a power packed webinar focusing on E-Learning. Two foremost experts in the field will be offering timely advice and tips and secrets on how to get on top of this game. J. Michael Collins and John Kissinger will be your presenters. I invite you to check out their offerings and take advantage of this very impressive opportunity to be informed and aware of this ever expanding industry……especially designed for VO talents. We have an exclusive discount for News & Views subscribers. Everyone else is offered 20% off with a June 3rd deadline. We have 25% off using our promo code and no deadline. Sign up before the webinar and learn e-learning from the best. Click here and use promo code RICK.


Who’s Who in E-Learning

John Kissinger is no stranger to E-Learning Course creation and production. Here is a descriptive graphic in tier form giving you titles of who you should contact regarding VO work. You will notice that some titles overlap. This will give you an overview of the E-Learning Production hierarchy. Very interesting. The Developer” category is where you want to focus. The ‘Designer’ or ‘Manager’ categories are where you want to focus.” Developer can be a productive category when it does not refer to a job title, but rather refers to an e-learning development company. Click here.


VO Demo Production

How does the process work for getting a demo
professionally produced?
How long should the process take?
What sort of fee range should a talent expect?

Get answers to these questions and more from Producer/Coach Eric Romanowski. Click here.


6 Tips For Designing Accessible eLearning

This blog post will introduce you to the three main types of impairments: vision loss, hearing loss and cognitive impairments, and describe some of the barriers learners with these disabilities face. It will also provide you with six tips for designing eLearning that is accessible. Click here.