Jedlicka, Keith

A talented and reliable veteran of eLearning voiceover, Keith Jedlicka brings that rare mix of clear approachable voice talent, coupled with responsiveness, customer focus, and quality finished audio.

Keith’s warm and engaging voice makes him a perfect narrator for your next eLearning project. He can produce your content in a range of deliveries, from professional to friendly and conversational — whatever approach will help ensure your learners can focus on your educational content.

Keith’s 16+ years of experience in eLearning projects range from highly technical reads in medical professions, HVAC, and information technology; approachable long-form narration for millions of food and beverage safety learners; step-by-step voice guidance for simulations and help guides for a range of software products; and short-form marketing pieces for educational products in humanities and social sciences.

Keith also uniquely has deep expertise in high-quality post-production work, time-coding files, and producing transcripts and closed captioned files for videos to ensure full accessibility for all learners. For you, this means one reliable partner to provide the full range of work for your eLearning program.

Keith’s clients include Pearson, Six Red Marbles, Raised Media, Cengage Learning, Blue Dot Media, and PreMedia Global. He looks forward to helping you make your eLearning project a success — just as he has for all of his previous clients. For more information, reach out at any time, via email at; via phone at 617.388.5090; or visit his website at


E-Learning narration
PowerPoint or Google Slides creation and narration
Voice on hold messages
Commercial, audiobook and industrial voice work
Radio and television news and imaging
Voice script writing
Audio/video editing

Phone: 617-388-5090