Invitation to Join
is a cooperative venture of voice talents catering specifically to the e-learning industry. Although our member voice talents do supply a variety of recording styles we have agreed to reduce pricing drastically to better serve e-learning clients and producers. Simply put, we understand that clients/producers cannot afford to hire 15 character voiceover talents and pay each their minimum fee. The Pricing Per Produced Minute Plan makes budgeting and executing their multi-voice project easy. With the Plan, clients pay one price for as many voices as they need and manages the day-to-day recording process for them.
The VO promotional website where our main task is to get you hit and heard by clients and producers who you may not normally reach. All members are familiar with Narration, Documentaries, Commercials, Imaging, Explainer audio for videos, Telephony and any other project which requires a recorded human voice.

You have been invited to this private location to apply for membership in either or both web sites. As a potential member, your application will not automatically qualify you to join. Instead, it gives us the information we need to consider your qualifications and experience. Our ultimate goal is to have a maximum of 50 male and female North American English speaking VO talents, with each member offering a unique sound to those that cast elearning projects. Presenty we have no limit on Unilingual Voice talents such as Spanish, French, British, Australian, etc.

Now is your opportunity to seriously consider joining us but I would like you to do a few things which are important for both of us before you decide to join. We pride ourselves on all being unique to each other. Please listen to the VO talents we now have on our team and make sure no one sounds identical or nearly identical to you. It really doesn’t make sense to have a Rick Gordon and a Rick Gordon sound alike in the same group….right? Then check out all of our pages along with our FAQ to make sure you completely understand how our business model works. Of course you may contact me directly with any questions or concerns that you may have. No one else does what we do. Our system makes sense and our value cannot be beat.

We have one very important distinction to other P2P VO websites. We disclose all contact information to visitors and clients. Very few, if any, of our competitors supply this information. This means clients may contact you directly, privately and confidentially.

Next, should you decide to join us, I will need your e-learning demo, a very short bio along with a short client list. Our fee for your initial full year membership was $350.00 USD now only $200.00 for and $200.00 USD for If you are a professional in any other language or languages other than North American English you are welcome to join our Unilingual or Multi-Lingual VO Talents for $75.00 USD. This category would include Brits and Aussies as long as you do not record in North American English. Please remit the fee to our PayPal account which is Let me know if you require a formal invoice or if you prefer other methods of payment.

If you are an experienced e-learning voice talent and you understand the business then E-LV is where you should be.

Please send us a sample of your e-learning or narration work in a separate email along with your contact information. We will respond as soon as possible. Thank you!