Harrison-Cooksey, Saundi

Saundi is a seasoned Voiceover actor with a real, relatable voice that connects with listeners. With her distinct, expressive and versatile voice, she can deliver the sweet girl/woman next door, the rich smooth woman in charge, or the engaging gravitas of an expert. Throughout her years as a voiceover acting talent she has used her voice to persuade, sell, and educate. Her portfolio includes corporate narrations, documentaries, elearning and commercials.

In addition to her Voiceover career, her fifteen-year career as a professional project manager in the world of Information Technology, Digital Research, Analytics and Education, has also positioned her to understand how to use media to reach customers and to deliver projects on time and within budget. Saundi is passionate about using her voice to serve. 

She has served as a  volunteer with the Center for the Visually Impaired and has been a Volunteer reader for the Georgia Radio Reading Service for the morning edition of the Atlanta Journal Constitution local paper at 6:30am every week for the last 5 years.

Saundi is always READY TO RECORD your project. 

Phone: 1+470-444-9845
Email: Saundi@VoiceOfSaundi.com
Website: VoiceOfSaundi.com

Saundi’s Clients
You Tube
Celebrity Cruises
Warner Media