Field, Andy

• What to do, as as parachutist, if you are dragged behind an airplane.
• How to fight fires on ships.
• How to solve quadratic equations. In Egypt. With Hindu-Arabic numerals.
• How to insert and remove dialysis needles.
• How to succeed as a rookie lawyer.
• How to use an avalanche-proof airbag-equipped backpack.

These are some of the things Andy has learned how to do as an e-learning narrator! And you thought e-learning was boring. Well, you’re right; it is. Sometimes. But Andy, as an actor and a former teacher, makes sure that it’s as engaging as possible.

As a lifelong learner, Andy loves to narrate e-learning, can converse on any subject, and kick some major tail in Trivial Pursuit.

With a masters degree in education and three decades of experience as a senior military officer, he’s a pedagogue like no other.

Oh, one last thing: Your kid probably knows him from some pretty cool video games, like Five Nights at Freddy’s or Marvel Avengers Academy. Ask him for a video greeting for the young people in your life! And ask him for a video tour of his amazing recording facility!

Phone: 662-801-4884