Faulkner, Cathy

Over 20 years in the VO industry. I have my own digital home studio and enjoy working with a wide variety of clients worldwide. Commercial, corporate, podcasts, interactive, IVR, and e-learning Voice rate is 20-50 year old female warm, friendly, authoritative, mature, energetic, professional, confident. I can portray the “tone” of your company for educational, marketing or training purposes. Additional demos can be found on my website, www.cathyfaulkner.com

Tel: 206-521-0363
Email: Me@CathyFaulkner.com
Web: CathyFaulkner.com

E-Learning clients include: Microsoft (Vista and LIVE); Norton Anti-Virus; e-learning Arabia (Moodle Tutorials); AHCOMM Medical education modules; Carpet one sales training; and Digital Music Doctor software tutorials for Acid, Soundforge, Garage Band and other numerous music/audio software.