de Golia, Jack

A veteran stage actor and spokesman, Jack brings depth, warmth, and character to his decade of reliable and talented voice-over work. Jack will give you winning, ahead-of-schedule reads for eLearning and other audio. He can narrate your entire e-learning program, or perform characters you may have within your script, all believable, precise, and warm.

Jack won a prestigious “Earphones Award” from AudioFile Magazine in 2018 for excellence in performance and production.  He was also nominated that year as Best Mystery narrator of the year by the Society of Voice Arts & Sciences.

A native of San Francisco, Jack has a “neutral American accent,” and yet is also a versatile character actor, with accomplished accents in High British (RP) English, Russian, Spanish, Texan, German, Southern, New York, and rural Western American English.

A seasoned voice actor, Jack has pleased clients in commercial radio, internet, corporate video, and audiobook narration.  He has over 120 audiobooks to his credit at

It’s been said he has the ageless voice of “every man’s man.” He’s your average Joe, trustworthy, funny, friendly, ironic, upbeat–your neighbor.

Jack’s home studio includes a professional double-walled booth from GK Soundbooths.  In it he uses a “Studio Projects C1″ microphone, a Focusrite Solo interface, a MacBook Air, and TwistedWave software for creating professional, clear sound.

Jack can connect by Skype, Zoom, or phone patch, or connect directly to your recording studio with Source Connect Standard.

Jack holds a BA in Dramatic Art, and graduated with High Honors from the University of California, Davis. He offers a unique blend of both acting skill and knowledge of natural resources, gained in over 30 years as a ranger and public affairs officer with 3 federal land managing agencies.

E-Learning Narration
Web and PowerPoint Narration
Voice on Hold messages
Commercial, audiobook and industrial voice work

E-Learning Clients:
Sight & Sound Services, Pat McAbery.
Marathon Petroleum, Joe Brewer
Reify Media, Sarah Glova
Cutter Rig Productions/SBC Global, Doug Picard
Performance Development Group
Digital Ignite, Rachel England
Xperience Detroit, Steve Leslie
Dynamic Language, Seattle, Danielle Weatherbee
SweetRush, on voice roster (multiple jobs)
Executive Forum, Gregg Hinnen