A contribution to the greater discourse.

Firstly let me tell you that I am not a Linguist, an English Teacher or in any way do I profess to be a bona fide pronunciation expert on the North American English language.  I am an experienced broadcaster with an ear for pronunciation.

Actually this is a pet peeve of mine and it is getting worse every day.  I don’t know if you are like me but when you watch professional TV Broadcasters read English it makes you wonder how they were even considered for the job. 

I am probably awakening an awareness in your head which will antagonize you forever.  Sorry about that and yes I know you can probably add multiple additional words to my list.

Here is a list of a few words for which I won’t even give the correct pronunciation because you know them already but this is what the “real” words have become. Of course there are not many “perfect pronouncers” out there and I am certainly not one of them…….although I do try.

Even seasoned Broadcasters are caught up in this.  Don’t they realize that many children learn pronunciation from Professional Speakers who are paid to speak?  What about all the Immigrants learning English for the first time?  Our language is hard enough to learn as it is let alone steering students down the wrong path from Day One.

Well, that’s my mini rant for the day.  I feel better already.


Rick Gordon

Original Word Has now become
Before Ba-four
Behind Ba-hind
Didn’t Dint
Eleven Al-levan
Elite Ah-leet
Emissions Ah-missions
Essential Ass-N-chill
Experiment Ax-pear-a-mint
February Feb-you-ary
Fredericton Fredrickten
Hundred Hun-erd
Immediately Ah-meed-e-atly
Internet Inner-net
News Nooze
Official Ah-fish-al
Olympics Aw-limpics
Recorded Ra-corded
Remain Rah-main
Remainder Rah-mainder
Remainder Ra-mainder
Remained Ra-mained
Reminder Rah-minder
Reserves Ra-zerves
Return Ra-turn
Review Ra-view
Temperature Temp-a-chur
The letter “W” Dubb-a-you
To Ta
Today Ta-day
Today Ta-day
Tomorrow Ta-morrow
Tomorrow Ta-morrow
Toronto Ta-ranna
Tuesday Choose-day
Wouldn’t Wu-nt