Cherry, Krystal

A moldable clay sponge.  My name is Krystal Cherry and I’m a professionally trained voice over artist. Thanks for taking the time to check me out!

I have an interest in many things which made choosing a major in high-school difficult and then in college impossible as I switched majors 5 times. Yep, I was THAT young adult! However, as a result of those changes I was able to experience having a variety of secular roles: Electronics retail cashier, pharmacy technician, call center agent, procurement agent and more. And I love learning new things and to fit a role that’s needed when it’s needed. That versatility applies to the roles I take in voice over. Whether that be a traditional read to a fun over the top character to a serious read, elearning script, commercial, explainers you name it. Having your script read the way you envisioned it to be read is my ultimate goal. My professional home studio is where most of the magic happens, and I have access to capabilities for directed sessions (Phone Patch, Skype, Zoom, Cleanfeed, and SourceConnect). I look forward to working with you!

Phone: 1-586-244-8466


inSITE Training; EcoLab; inno-versity; American Hospital Association ASHE; American Institute for Research; healthimation; IdeaRocket LLC; City of Kissimmee