Burnett, Chris

How can I help you? I offer a unique, millennial tone that casually speaks to your workforce and draws listeners in with a fresh energy. If you need the sound of summer and spring or the seriousness of winter, then I am your e-Learning narrator.

I take the phrase, “professional narration,” seriously. I understand both the business AND art of performance and aim to build long-term relationships with my clients through exceptional customer service, high-quality deliverables and incredible performances.

In addition to voicing learning material, I continue to learn outside of the studio. As a professional voice talent, I have studied with many of the best coaches in the industry and I remain actively engaged in the e-Learning environment.

My corporate/E-Learning client list includes PepsiCo, Gamestop, Frito Lay, American Heart Association, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, EcoLab, Florida International University, and many more.

Quick facts: Professional, quick turnaround, high quality deliverables, phone patch/skype capabilities, fully-equipped professional studio.