Bowen, Christi

As an eLearning professional you’re wearing many hats and I’m sure your day is anything but stress free. Ideally, you just want to provide amazing content so that your learners are engaged and informed and you can look like a rock star in the learning landscape.

However, creating that engaging and informative learning strategy without a quality soundtrack to go with it reduces the project’s effectiveness. Budgets and time constraints lead to internal pressure to use in house talent, who may be great colleagues but not so great narrators.

What do I have to offer you? Luckily with my 25+ years experience in voice over and video production, my performance versatility and professionalism get the job done right the first time – saving you time and money. I’m the type of person who you can depend on to deliver a great product and fantastic customer service and…I’m lots of fun to work with! My clients have said, “Christi Bowen is a class act from start to finish! She has the smooth, professional voice that our clients love. She can read wildly varying types of content and make it sound perfectly natural every time.”

Working from my pro studio in Nashville, Tennessee, I offer fast turnaround and great customer service. Once you’ve heard me, I look forward to hearing from you.
Phone: 615/554-6900


Client List: IKEA, AAA Auto Club, Chevron, Swarovski, SunTrust, HCA, General Mills, Ryder Trucks, P&G, Citibank, Deloitte, Roche, US Foods, Walmart, Miller Coors and many more!