Black Friday 2021

Why 2 VO websites?

Simply because they are popular URL’s.  Recently I Googled “Commercial Voices” and was #3.  I also Googled “Elearning Voices” and was #1. We own a few additional VO URL’s such as and also  We have future plans for these domains.

Here’s a list of some of the improvements on both websites:

– Over all cleaner and more modern design.

– Easier to use on mobile, including easy-to-click buttons for Voice Talent website, email and calling.

– Voice Talent can now be filtered via categories; easier to find all talent within categories.

– Cleaner Voice Talent pages with tabbed sections.

– Add “New Voices” section on sidebar to showcase new members

– Voice Talent pages now feature as a default headshots, logos and social media links as icons.

– Better support for video clips from YouTube, etc.

– Significant under-the-hood improvements to website code.

Once payment has been received we will contact you asking for your Bio, Demo(s), Client List and Contact Information.