Bales, Jackie

“Easy to Trust, Hard to Forget”

With over 20 years’ experience in voiceover, and broadcast news before that, I’ve been helping e-Learning clients for a long time now. They trust me to be meticulous with every detail, and to explain complex information in an interesting way, so students understand and remember it. Basically, I make it easy—for them and their students!

One recent client wrote, “I downloaded the files and everything sounds perfect! It’s such a pleasure working with you – you are such a pro :)”

I enjoy the challenge of complicated work, including medical e-Learning. And most of my clients become repeat clients, often updating their projects every year.

I understand how much work has gone into preparing your script. I see myself as a partner, to bring it to life. So I spend time with clients to ensure the work is done right the first time—like making sure terms are pronounced the way you prefer. That saves you money!

A medical e-Learning client said, “Jackie never misses the mark. Besides her versatile voice, her professionalism, her shining personality and her drive to make a client happy, she is always my go-to person.”

My home studio is top notch, with great equipment (a Neumann TLM103 microphone inside a WhisperRoom). If you’d like to direct or listen in, I have a variety of ways to do that too.

If you need someone who can be a doctor, a professor, or just a friend explaining a new job, I do all that and more. I’d like to be part of your team and make it easy for you, too.

Phone: 954-608-0551

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