Almenara, Hector

 Neutral Latin American Spanish.

When you hear his voice you feel immediate confidence. Hector has spent the last 20 years perfecting his style as a narrator, precisely so that customers trust that their brands will be represented by an expert, friendly and sincere voice. He is a full-time VO Artist and takes his work very seriously. Its ability to deliver high quality material in short times has made him highly valued by the producing companies and brands throughout America and Europe. His voice is heard in almost all the countries of America, from the United States to Chile, thanks to his international works in documentary narration, dubbing, audiobooks and e-learnings narration.

The perfect Latin American neutral accent is extremely difficult to achieve and Hector has achieved a remarkable level of perfection. This is extremely important so that the narration can be enjoyable for all the people who speak Spanish, regardless of the country they come from. Not many narrators achieve this, so he has been selected to narrate hundreds of documentaries for the most important TV channels on the continent. Some of his characters have been: Anthony Bourdain, Sylvester Stallone, Gary Oldman, among others. Some of his documentaries are: May Day: Air Disaster, Naked and Afraid, Ex On The Beach, Extreme Couponing, and many more.

He has also narrated hundreds of e-learnings for prestigious universities and companies throughout the Americas and Europe.

In his studio, Hector records audiobooks, e-learning, corporate narratives, radio and TV commercials, movie trailers, telephony and more. All with the highest quality and paying close attention to detail.

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Phone: 1 954-643-8946

Clients include:
Audible, Discovery Networks, CNN, Netflix, Universidad de Chile, Radio Columbia Costa Rica, Radio Vitacura Chile, Radio Madrigal Chile, Nat Geo, FOX, Prosein Venezuela, Storytel, Agrosuper Chile, Blackstone Audio.