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Male Voice Talent

Ax Norman
T: 917-859-9085
W: Ax

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Ax Norman has been the trusted voice for companies looking to educate their stakeholders, enhance their social standing or change their direction with integrity. When Sea World faced the difficult decision to phase out their killer whale performances, they trusted Ax with the honest, storytelling quality needed for the campaign.

When Bank of America wanted to educate its customers with, whom did they choose for reasonable, honest delivery? You guessed it.

BMW was struggling to convince its assembly plant workers to entrust their healthcare to its own in-house clinic. They needed a calm, steady voice to assure workers of their cost savings and quality of care.

NovoCure’s Optune system is for patients with GMT, Glioblastoma tumors of the brain. A vulnerable audience requires a sensitive delivery. This was highly technical terminology delivered with grace and dignity.

Whom did Microsoft entrust to patiently guide its customers to get “Service” for their “Surface?”

Guided tour for The Empire State Building? The Metropolitan Museum of Art? MoMA?

Clients like Disney, NBC Universal, Scholastic, Playskool, Nabisco, Intel, Humana, Lincoln Financial, Hilton, BMW, the US Navy and so many more know the value of approachability, expertise and care.


Luxury branding: Tourneau, Michael Kors and Essilor.
Top financial entities: Bloomberg, American Express, Bank of America, Schwab and JPMorgan Chase.
Family brands: LL Bean, Disney, Sam’s Club, Goya, Oreo, Playskool and Scholastic.
Caring organizations like Wounded Warrior, The Independence Fund and

Hilton, Nissan, BMW, NovoCare, Pfizer, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, PricewaterhouseCoopers,
KPMG, the IRS, Microsoft, Intel, the FAA, HRSA, EPA, FCC and many others.

PBS, Discovery Networks, the History Channel, A&E, the Bio Channel and more.

Tours for the Empire State Building, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, MoMA,
the Whitney, the National Park Service, the Royal Ontario Museum and much more.

Philip Chryssikos
T: 0044 (0) 7976398484

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A “solid, clear and balanced voice”, Philip is perfect to add that finishing vocal touch to your latest project.

With more than 25 years’ experience, in the last 12 months’ Philip’s “hard sell to sexy smooth” voice has been chosen by Tesla Motors, BMW, EDF Energy, Mercedes-Benz, National Theatre, Nokia, Porsche, PwC, Roche, and Visa, among others.

Philip provides a fast turnaround – the same day or within 24 hours, with any additional ‘pick ups’ handled just as quickly and easily.

Ask Philip for a free, no obligation, recording sample of your script to be 100% confident he is the voice for you!


Citizen Watches UK
Compass Group UK
LG Electronics
National Theatre
Sony Corporation
Tesla Motors

Greg Thomas
T: (904) 377-5636

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Greg is a 25 year veteran of the voiceover industry who has delivered thousands of projects for clients in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Other professional experience includes training employees for a Fortune 100 company, and serving as partner in an oil and gas investments company. He has performed volunteer work in prisons since 2008.


Male | Range 40-50 | Non-Union

Voice Description
• Deep
• Warm
• Authoritative
• Knowledgeable
• Trustworthy
• Friendly
• Relaxed
• Believable
• Gravitas

Industry Niches
Corporate and Industrial Narration, Commercials, eLearning, Medical Narration, Compliance and Safety Videos, Financial Instruction, Inspirational Guidance, Documentaries, Politicals, Audiobooks.

Featured Clients:

New York Red Bulls • • Irwin Vice Grips • Suddenlink Communications • CSX Transportation • Pelican Kayaks • DuPont Pioneer • Coastal Chemical • Brugal Rum • Wounded Warrior Project • Project Management Institute • SMS Audio • Gaumard Medical Simulators • Quest Integrity Group • Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale • Lions Eye Bank of Texas •

Tim Phelan
Phone: 610-772-4845

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Relax, Tim’s got it.

Tim Phelan is a seasoned E-learning narrator & Voice Actor. His E-learning clients include Bosch, Konica-Minolta, VMware, Bon Secours Health System, Firestone, & more.

Clients often hire Tim when they’re looking for that “Business Casual” narrator,
or a “Smart, Friendly, Approachable Storyteller.” They know they can count on him to take the time to understand and connect with their content to more effectively engage their learners to produce the desired changes in their behavior.

Tim’s background gives him the ideal tool set to engage and connect with your learners.
Prior to his ten year voice over career, he spent two decades in corporate sales & marketing, and he also has experience performing both Standup Comedy and Improv.

In addition to narrating E-learning modules, Tim also narrates TV series, broadcast documentaries, and corporate videos. You’ve probably also heard his voice on TV and Radio commercial campaigns from coast to coast.

And when it comes to taking direction, Tim always welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with clients in real-time. His private studio is equipped with Skype, Phone Patch, & Source Connect.

E-Learning Clients include:
Bon Secours Health System

Joe Loesch
Phone: 615-496-6037

E-Learning Demo

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Joe Loesch Bio

​​Joe Loesch is an award winning spoken word producer, voice actor and coach. Joe has produced over five hundred audiobooks, voiced dozens of national commercial ads, audiobooks, corporate narrations and cartoons for the Disney channel.

He produces the Baby Looney Tunes sound-books. Joe teaches voice acting throughout the country with and in Nashville for Alan Dysert’s The Actor’s School

My Clients include:
Boeing Aviation
Dave Ramsey
Sound Hound
Readio Theatre
Sono D – Brazil
Music Forge

Royal Jaye Joiner

Phone: 678-755-1763

E-Learning Planner Demo

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A Fast and Dependable Voice Over Resource
Your search is over, you have found the right one. My name is Royal and I’m a PROFESSIONAL VOICE OVER ARTÍST in Atlanta, GA. I would like to be the resource you can depend on to bring your words, characters, commercials, scripts, audiobooks, e-learning modules, voicemail, court summons, parking tickets, etc., etc., to life.
I provide High Quality recordings delivered ON-TIME and to your specifications. I realize that a VOICE may be the last cog in your project and time is a factor. As your resource, you can chill and relax because you are in good hands now.
So when you are looking for that voice that is Friendly, Believable, Informative, Upbeat, Professional, Authoritative, Animated, Confident, and can be a Conversational, Storyteller with a Morgan Freeman type of swag… you got it all right here.
Your project deserves THE ROYAL TREATMENT and so do YOU.
How can I help you? Contact me TODAY!!


ThinkCERCA, Noggins Lab, Praktio, USI-Tech, Jefferson County Colorado, My Direct Offers, MedPro

Andy Field
Phone: 662-801-4884

E-Learning Demo

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• What to do, as as parachutist, if you are dragged behind an airplane.
• How to fight fires on ships.
• How to solve quadratic equations. In Egypt. With Hindu-Arabic numerals.
• How to insert and remove dialysis needles.
• How to succeed as a rookie lawyer.
• How to use an avalanche-proof airbag-equipped backpack.

These are some of the things Andy has learned how to do as an e-learning narrator! And you thought e-learning was boring. Well, you’re right; it is. Sometimes. But Andy, as an actor and a former teacher, makes sure that it’s as engaging as possible.

As a lifelong learner, Andy loves to narrate e-learning, can converse on any subject, and kick some major tail in Trivial Pursuit.

With a masters degree in education and three decades of experience as a senior military officer, he’s a pedagogue like no other.

Oh, one last thing: Your kid probably knows him from some pretty cool video games, like Five Nights at Freddy’s or Marvel Avengers Academy. Ask him for a video greeting for the young people in your life! And ask him for a video tour of his amazing recording facility!

Duane Allen
Phone: 917-407-4224

Elearning Demo

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Duane has over 17 years of experience in the industry, and is a graduate of the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York. His extensive experience with classical text as well as his teaching background make him a wonderfully specific, clear, and engaging storyteller. He is able to convey complex ideas with simplicity, ease, and authenticity. You’ll also find that Duane has the patience and stamina to see a project through until his clients get what they need.

Chris Burnett
Phone: 817.996.9334

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Chris Burnett Bio

How can I help you? I offer a unique, millennial tone that casually speaks to your workforce and draws listeners in with a fresh energy. If you need the sound of summer and spring or the seriousness of winter, then I am your e-Learning narrator.

I take the phrase, “professional narration,” seriously. I understand both the business AND art of performance and aim to build long-term relationships with my clients through exceptional customer service, high-quality deliverables and incredible performances.

In addition to voicing learning material, I continue to learn outside of the studio. As a professional voice talent, I have studied with many of the best coaches in the industry and I remain actively engaged in the e-Learning environment.

My corporate/E-Learning client list includes PepsiCo, Gamestop, Frito Lay, American Heart Association, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, EcoLab, Florida International University, and many more.

Quick facts: Professional, quick turnaround, high quality deliverables, phone patch/skype capabilities, fully-equipped professional studio.

Neil Hess
Email: Neil Hess
Web: Neil Hess
Phone: (503) 341-2750

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Neil Hess has used his youthful, professional friendly voice for years to reliably deliver quality work to his clients. He has done eLearning for fortune 500 companies, Hilton, Time, SalesForce and many others. He also uses his 10+ years as a classroom teacher to deliver reads in a way that makes the content easy to digest and engaging.

Hilton, Salesforce, Time magazine, Seaton Hall University, Pandora

James Holmes
Email: James Holmes
Web: JamesHolmesVoiceover
Phone: (843) 580-8055

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Clients: Many of my Clients work with me under a NDA but here are a few I can share:
Northeast Georgia Health Systems
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
HealthComm Services

Josh Albert
Email: Josh Albert
Web: JoshAlbertVO
Phone: (614)595-3557

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After nearly 20 years working as a civil engineer, Josh Albert found himself at a cross-roads in his career. He opted to follow advice that had been given to him off and on over the years and began voicing audiobooks, commercials and of course, E-Learning. His engineering experience means he knows a technical term or two and how to pronounce acronyms as real words. He also understands the need for comprehensive and engaging E-Learning as well as meeting tight deadlines for delivery of a final product.

Justin Torres
Email: Justin D Torres
Web: jdtvoiceover
Phone: (408)-463-8323

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Justin D. Torres is your neighbor who helps grandma with the wifi. Over the past ten years, Justin has been working on projects that need to be communicated with articulation, care, and patience but still be fun and energetic. His studio, based in New York City, has a Sennheiser 416 microphone, Source Connect Standard setup, and a custom made computer built for editing with a workflow that speeds up the whole process.

When it comes to production speed, turnaround is usually within 8 hours depending on size. With over 400 five star reviews (available on request), join the hundreds of companies from Marvel to VISA, Honeywell to Nintendo, who have trusted their brands to Justin D. Torres.

Client List:

VISA, Nintendo, Marvel, PBS, GQ, Ben & Jerry, Amazon, Scholastic, Equinox, Volvo, Zipcar, Planet Fitness, Honeywell, Simon and Schuster, Truesight, Salesforce, Liveworx 2018, Final Four Fan Fest, The San Francisco 49ers, and many more.

John Kissinger
Phone: 248-520-0037

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John Kissinger has engaged, entertained, and educated learners from all over the world. At last count, he’d personally taught or trained over 50,000 learners from more than 70 countries…and that’s not counting his eLearning voiceover work!

As a professional voice talent, John has trained with some of the best voice actors, voiceover studios, and voice coaches in the business. And, he continues to train diligently, to provide you with unparalleled voiceover service and support.

As a learning professional, John is an American Business Award-winning instructional designer, a certified Master Trainer, a two-time graduate student in adult instruction and learning design, a former Adjunct Professor of Global Learning, and a learning strategist supporting global brands with their eLearning, training, customer experience, and culture change efforts.

John knows that what you do is both an art and a science. It’s challenging work that’s easy to underestimate. But it’s incredibly rewarding work when the finished product takes on a life of its own. Let John help you breathe life into your masterpiece and get it across the finish line on time!


Recent work:
• Ford Direct
• SKF International
• Domino’s Pizza
• Ford Customer Experience Movement
• Xperience Communications
• Johns Hopkins Mediccine

Jack de Golia
T: 702-575-1373

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A veteran stage actor and spokesman, Jack brings depth, warmth, and character to voice-over work. Jack will give you winning, ahead-of-schedule reads of for eLearning and other long-form work.

He can narrate your entire e-learning program, and perform characters you may have within your script, all believable, precise, and warm.

A native of San Francisco, Jack has a “neutral American accent,” and yet is also a versatile character actor, with accomplished accents in High British English, Russian, Spanish, Texan, German, Southern, New York, and rural Western American English. A seasoned voice actor, Jack has pleased clients in commercial radio, internet, and corporate video and audiobook narration.

It’s been said he has the voice of “every man’s man.” He’s your average Joe, trustworthy, funny, friendly, ironic, upbeat–your neighbor.

Jack’s home studio has a “Studio Projects C1″and a VO 1-a mic, X2U signal adapter, a MacBook Air, and TwistedWave for creating professional, clear sound. Jack has phone patch capability and by prior arrangement, ISDN, ipDTL, or SourceConnectNow.

Jack holds a BA in Dramatic Art, and graduated with High Honors from the University of California, Davis. He offers a unique blend of both acting skill and knowledge of natural resources, gained in over 30 years as a ranger and public affairs officer with 3 federal land managing agencies.

E-Learning Narration
Web and PowerPoint Narration
Voice on Hold messages
Commercial, audiobook and industrial voice work

E-Learning Clients:
Sight & Sound Services, Pat McAbery.
Marathon Petroleum, Joe Brewer
Reify Media, Sarah Glova
Cutter Rig Productions/SBC Global, Doug Picard
Performance Development Group
Digital Ignite, Rachel England
Xperience Detroit, Steve Leslie
Dynamic Language, Seattle, Danielle Weatherbee
SweetRush, on voice roster (multiple jobs)
Executive Forum, Gregg Hinnen


Colin McLean (British)
T: 441362 853595

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British-based professional voiceover artist with an international client base; professional member of World Voices Org. Stage background both as Actor and Director; British Equity member. He has also trained professionals in presenting and public speaking for many years, as well as presenting national TV series.

E-Learning Clients Include:

Phillips, Royal Free Hospital (London), IZITravel, Hewlett Packard, Upilot (CRM), Bank of Cardiff (Del Mar, CA)

Tony Chiappetta

Phone: 412-841-7189

Elearning Demo

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My voice over work began some two years ago with successfully narrating Audio Books for Audiobook Creation Exchange and for the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. My voice over skill set now includes Commercials, E-Learning, and Corporate VO work. Having been trained by both Big Voice Productions and by the Community College of Allegheny County, my vocal and technical abilities to provide clean, professional audio have elevated my skills, and I am ready to help you tell your story!

Having previously spent many years as a Public Finance professional, my public speaking skills have been honed on innumerable presentations to a wide array of governing bodies, and I was regularly called upon to deliver presentations to audiences at conferences and conventions. Hopefully you will agree that my warm, rich vocal tones, acquired through experience, provide me with the ability to authentically and persuasively deliver your message!

Further experience comes from me being on the list of Professional Narrators providing audio content for the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, and also from providing narration for Audio Theatre productions on 106.7 WAOB-FM in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Additionally, I serve in the roles of Church Lector and as a tenor in our Church Choir.

Tony’s clients include:
Catholic Radio 106.7 WAOB-FM Audio Theatre (, Latrobe, Pennsylvania:
• The May Magnificat, by Gerard Manley Hopkins;
• Gratefulness, by George Herbert;
• The Sphinx, by Edgar Allan Poe; and
• The Voluntary Convict, by Charlotte M. Yonge. (Audiobook Creation Exchange):
• Novena Devotion To The Most Precious Blood Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, by Fr. Emmanuel Bright;
• 10 Steps To Implementing B2B Product Management: The CEO Playbook, by Jim Berardone;
• Return From Casablanca, by P. Michael Henninger (in production);
• Terms And Conditions, by P. Michael Henninger;
• Three Ways To Heaven, by Kenny Sage;
• Focus And Thrive: 9 Best Ways To Stay Focused And Live The Lifestyle Of your Dreams, by Dr. Chio Ugochukwu;
• Understanding How God Leads & Guides, by Kenneth Wolff; and
• The Violence Of Faith, by Kenneth Wolff.

Carnegie Library For The Blind And Physically Handicapped (LBPH):
• The Ku Klux Klan in Western Pennsylvania, 1921-1928, by John M. Craig (in production);
• Still Falling, by Rob Oliver;
• Still Walking, by Rob Oliver; and
• Who Me? Yeah,You! An Interactive Anti-Bullying Story, by Rob Oliver.

Audiobook Creation Exchange ( Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Library for the Blind & Physically Handicapped
106.7 WAOB-FM, Latrobe, Pennsylvania

Anthony Powell

Phone: 816.516.1622

Elearning Demo

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As a full-time voice-over talent, Anthony has honed his ability to zone in on and authentically deliver the sturdy and assuring authority we all want to hear. He knows how to bring listeners in and keep them with an inviting might and mindfulness they can learn from and lean on. And with his easily directed, prompt and dependable professionalism, he can confidently promise that you can lean on him for a voice job well done, and quickly turned around.

Anthony has voiced a number of genres including: Commercial, Corporate Narration, E-Learning, and Movie Trailers. Please watch and listen to his wide ranging demos and client work. (If viewing this site on your phone, please scroll down for demos.)
Anthony also has a top of the line home studio for superior audio quality, and can connect with clients via: Source Connect Standard, Skype, phone.

If your needs are on-camera work: Anthony has decades of experience in that area as well: Hosting, Spokesperson, Acting, News. Please visit the on-camera section of this site for demos and work examples.

Anthony is also available for public speaking engagements. His speech: “From Malibu to Wichita, Lessons and Experiences Along The Way,” chronicles his life growing up in Malibu California, his experiences as a television news anchor and reporter, actor, voice-over artist, author, and owner of several businesses.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Anthony’s clients include:
>TredAgain Shoe Company
>UST Global
>Via Christi Village Retirement Communities
>The Cleaning Authority
>MOOYAH Burgers
>Springer E-Books
>American Propane
>Wiley Ray and The Big O Band Promo
>Pizza Hut (Regional)
>York Gary Autoplex
>Visibility Optics
>Southwestern College
>Visibility Optics
>Global Outreach
>Narrator for documentary on actor Paul Lynde called “Doozy”
>Dent Works Collision Repair
>All Angles Collision Repair
>Nursing Educational E-Learning Videos

Chris Batstone

Phone: (709) 697-5383

Elearning Demo

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Chris Batstone has been a professional voice artist for three decades.
Starting in radio when he was 14 at a community station Chris moved on to commercial radio
at age 18. Since that time he has worked in every time slot in radio as well as doing most all jobs at a radio station.

Chris left commercial radio in 2010 to pursue his own interests and has become an established
voice artist first making his mark in concert and sports marketing then on to commercial,
narration, E Learning, IVR and agency work.
Chris now enjoys a thriving business from his studio in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

Chris’s clients include:
Stingray Music
Tour Design Creative
Arts & Culture Centres (Newfoundland) Sonic Concerts
Vaughnco Entertainment
St. John’s Edge
Newfoundland Growlers
The Voice Factory
Eastbound Speedway & Concert Park David Carver Music
Ramon & Pedro
Whisper Audio

Keith Jedlicka

Phone: 617-388-5090

Elearning Demo

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A talented and reliable veteran of eLearning voiceover, Keith Jedlicka brings that rare mix of clear approachable voice talent, coupled with responsiveness, customer focus, and quality finished audio.

Keith’s warm and engaging voice makes him a perfect narrator for your next eLearning project. He can produce your content in a range of deliveries, from professional to friendly and conversational — whatever approach will help ensure your learners can focus on your educational content.

Keith’s 16+ years of experience in eLearning projects range from highly technical reads in medical professions, HVAC, and information technology; approachable long-form narration for millions of food and beverage safety learners; step-by-step voice guidance for simulations and help guides for a range of software products; and short-form marketing pieces for educational products in humanities and social sciences.

Keith also uniquely has deep expertise in high-quality post-production work, time-coding files, and producing transcripts and closed captioned files for videos to ensure full accessibility for all learners. For you, this means one reliable partner to provide the full range of work for your eLearning program.

Keith’s clients include Pearson, Six Red Marbles, Raised Media, Cengage Learning, Blue Dot Media, and PreMedia Global. He looks forward to helping you make your eLearning project a success — just as he has for all of his previous clients. For more information, reach out at any time, via email at; via phone at 617.388.5090; or visit his website at


E-Learning narration
PowerPoint or Google Slides creation and narration
Voice on hold messages
Commercial, audiobook and industrial voice work
Radio and television news and imaging
Voice script writing
Audio/video editing

Chuck Brown

Phone: (614)580-4689

E-Learning Demo

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As your friendly neigborhood Male Voiceover Professional…while I can do almost anything VO-wise, most of my recent work is in the field of commercials or eLearning (aka WBT or web-based training, online training, online instruction and explainer videos)…with clients including The U.S. Department of Defense, technical training and marketing presentations for Nokia, audio textbooks for Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, product marketing for STMicroelectronics, medical training narration for Octapharma Plasma and many others. My natural speaking voice is full and in the deeper range, though I have a fair amount of flexibility in how I am able to use it.

I’ve done everything from thousands of standard broadcast radio & TV commercials to the voice of automated mascots for schools and restaurants — and installation videos to accompany various retail products. I’ve narrated scores of stories for adults and children, done movie trailer-style intros for productions of various sizes, and been the live or prerecorded announcer Voice of God (VoG) for The Professional Golfer’s Association (PGA), The Pampered Chef, Southern Living at Home, The Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges, Kroger, Polaris Amphitheatre and Lane Bryant. I’ve done many political commercials, from local and issues races all the way up to two US Presidential campaigns.

I’ve also done a fair amount of work in video games and for escape rooms…often playing the role of narrator, king, general, coach or other authority figure..and more recently, an elderly British character/narrator (a la Gandalf). But I’m game to tackle most kinds of role playing. I also have a great deal of telephony (on-hold messages, voice mail and IVR prompts) work under my belt, for companies of all sizes.

I take great pride in ensuring that my clients are downright impressed with my work on their behalf.

E-Learning and Training: Abbott Labs/Ross Products, Alcatel-Lucent, American Electric Power, Bob Evans Restaurants, Business Professionals of America, Eagle Crusher Company, Frigidaire, GE Superabrasives, Gralex, Grote Company, Liquibox, Mindleaders, Motivo, Nationwide Insurance, Nokia, Oasis Corporation, Ohio Department of Healt,h Ohio Department of Public Safety, Ohio Ophthalmological Society, Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund, Ohio Willow Wood, RiverOne, S4 Netquest, Sequent Summit Learning, Telesis Marking Systems, TF System Insulated Concrete, Toyota Direct, U.S. Department of Defense (DLA), Value City Furniture, Vinylmax Windows, Wayne-Dalton Garage Doors, Wendy’s International, Wyandot Inc.

Darrell Coleman

Cell Phone: 8173075252

Elearning Demo

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Years of on-air work including commercial production, Voicing corporate safety, compliance, & EHS e-learning videos and power point presentation, webinar hosting,

Clients include: Dyncorp International LLC,
Zenith Quest Inc

RJ Malyk

Cell Phone: 413-896-6527

Elearning Demo

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With plenty of experience behind the mic between narrating audio books, training videos, eLearning modules and radio commercials, I know how to deliver the style you want and need to get your message across. I have a warm, conversational style but can be authoritative when I need to be. I am versatile enough to do a warm caring delivery to the hard sell like typical car and concert commercials. I am dependable, prompt and easy to work with, my clients satisfaction with my work is my number one priority. I have done eLearning projects for the Kansas City First Responders, Bechtel and Twitter. I have narrated dozens of books, I have recorded hundreds of commercials during my radio career and one of my clients is a local advertising agency in Philadelphia, PA.

Pablo Plumey (Spanish)

Phone: 877.569.0008

Elearning Demo

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I am Pablo Plumey . During my early life, I started to impersonate the entire advertising ads that I usually heard on television or radio in order to entertain my school partner or fellas. During 80’s, I enrolled in different voice over courses and until now with the voice over coaches who are very popular when it comes to voice over industry.

Discounting on new discovery, I served as a voice over talent or voice actor in 1993 for Shriner’s Hospital for the entire Latin American Market. With that, I was able to develop my skill to become more efficient voice actor. With the great job that I have done on my voice actor career, I have given the chance to voice one of my favorite NBA basketball players, Larry Byrd in a TV commercial. After that prestigious privilege that I had, a lot of opportunities came to me in different large and small TV Campaigns as well as national marketing companies such as KFC, Visa, McDonalds, Chevrolet, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Modelo Especial Beer, Florida Aquarium, Telemundo, Univision, Department of Health in Florida, GM Corp, KB Homes, Dairy Queen, Chick Fil A, Tampa Rays, Jim Bean, Bealls, and Tecate Beer to name some.

With my job experience, I used to develop my skills and that is one of the many reasons that make me stand out right in the voice over industry. While I develop my speaking voice efficiently, I have learned acting skills from the different workshops I have attended. Finally, after all the dedication, passion, and hard work that I have, I was able to reach all of my dreams in life. Currently, I am now enjoying my constant flow in web ads, radio, videos career in different organization and companies.

Clients include: Chevy, McDonald’s, AARP, Tobacco Free Florida, Animal Planet

Mike McGonegal

T: 603-300-8275

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Whether you realize it or not, all content that you publish – is a story. Some stories are meant to enlighten, others are meant to teach, and others are meant to simply sell a product or service. While both music and visuals can be used to tell a story, the human voice has been the bedrock of storytelling for thousands of years. Today, more than ever, having a voiceover that can tell your story effectively is of the utmost importance.  A voice actor since 2008, I’ve helped thousands of clients the world over to tell their stories. I always strive to refine the instruments in my vocal toolbox to provide you with the sound you need to successfully reach your project’s goals. All while remaining unobtrusive and allowing the listener to focus on the story.

Narration and E-Learning clients include: EMC, Ernst & Young, Dow Agro, Roche, Elsevier, Bank of America, Cummins, Prudential, Fidelity Investments, Costco, Medtronic, GE Healthcare

Memo Sauceda (Spanish)
Phone: +1-305-607-1852

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Your Spanish project will stand out with Memo’s Memo-rable talent. Your vision the way you want it, yet exploring new possibilities together. Ask for an ABC, and he’ll give you an A to G. Want it tomorrow? He’ll have it today. Need it now? He’ll find a way.
Playful, Corporate, Memo-rable!

Memo Sauceda has done it all: VOs, Theater, TV, Industrials and Dubbing (lending his voice to Mel Gibson, Kevin Costner and John Travolta among others).
Telemundo brought him to Miami to host Edicion Especial, Mira que TVO and Ay Caramba; he won 3 Emmys while with them. You can hear him on commercials for the Hispanic Market in the US and in promos for Animal Planet in Latin America.

Dan Hurst (English & Spanish)
T: 816-478-8774

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When it comes to an eLearning voice, Dan Hurst is worth your consideration. His comfortable and compelling voice, combined with his excellent experience in eLearning makes him a natural choice. From friendly conversational to professional authority, he has that voice. If you need a character, he has that voice. If you need English and/or Spanish, he has that voice – fluent and unaccented (unless you want an accent). He is definitely worth listening to!  And on top of that, he’s easy to work with!

His clients include Boehringer Ingelhiem, McKinsey & Company, United Rental, Man Truck & Bus, and numerous universities and government agencies. There’s a reason they use him. It’s worth a phone call to find out more. (816) 478-8774

Glenn Moore
Phone:(937) 545-6550 cell

E-Learning Demo

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Personable E-Learning, with a friendly and relatable twist!  Hi, I’m Glenn Moore, a professional Voice Actor. I can tailor my reads according to the sound and style you like.  I respond to all emails and phone calls. Customer service is my number one priority. Making my clients happy with what I voice for them is what I strive for every day. No matter what your E-Learning project is, I’ll go the extra mile to make sure you are happy with the read.I record in a state-of-the-art digital studio and provide fast turnaround.

You can reach me via Source Connect, Phone, Skype, Facetime, Zoom and FTP.  In addition to E-Learning, I voice training and business presentations, sales, and web sites narrations, Radio commercials, TV commercials, Corporate Narration, Industrial Narration, Documentaries, On Hold Phone Messaging, IVR, Medical Narration, Television Promos, Radio Imaging, Political commercials, Website audio and anything else you might need a voice for.

My E-Learning/Corporate Narration credits include:
Benjamin Moore Paints
Aetna Insurance
Taco Johns
Con Agra Foods
Continental Tires
…and many more.

Gene Tognacci

Contact Info:

Cell: 832-419-1373
Skype: Gene.Tognacci

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I’m an explainer. A teller of truths.
When you have a significant story to tell, an important message to deliver, or a complex lesson to teach, I enable your audience to absorb it with ease.
Specialties in Medical, Computer Tech and Oil Patch.
In addition to Narration and Elearning Work – My experience includes acting in 33 anime titles 11 short stories 3 feature documentaries and one toy truck (saying “EXXON, Rely on the Tiger”)

Here’s What My Clients Say:
Nailed it first time…..:”Gene is.Mr. Smooth”.
“Gene’s narration read is real story telling”
“Gene takes direction with no attitude and delivers a believable read that sells your message.”

The New York Times called my narration of the documentary Nuts! “irrepressibly chipper”
The U.K Guardian said I “details everything in a flat American homespun way”

Partial list of clients:
American Express, Anadarko Petroleum, Anheuser Busch, BMC Software, BP, CeMex, Chevron, Coca Cola Foods, Conoco, Continental Airlines, Daimler Benz, Dell, Dennison Chilli, Cadillac, Diamond Shamrock, EXXON, General Motors, GMC Trucks, J.C. Penney, K Mart, Maytag, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, McDonalds, Microsoft, Pfizer, Sheraton, Shell, Subway, TransOcean, Waste Management
And Hundreds More!

Alain Cadieux (French Canadian)
T: 450-585-8101
C: 514-994-8101

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Alain Cadieux is one of the main recognizable voices in the Montréal and Québec Province market. He is heard daily on radio on commercials, television in commercials, narration and film dubbing, and on telephone systems. According to BOS Advertising Agency, Alain is one of the top 3 voice over artists in Québec!
Alain has more than 32 years of experience in radio, television and voiceovers.

Alain Cadieux est l’une des voix prédominantes dans le marché Montréalais et Québécois. On peut l’entendre à la radio dans des publicités, à la télévision dans des publicités et des narrations ainsi que des films doublés, et en téléphonie. Selon l’agence de Publicité BOS, il est l’une des 3 meilleures voix au Québec!

Alain a plus de 32 ans d’expérience en radio, télévision et voix commerciales et narratives.

Voici une liste partielle de sa longue liste de clients.
Here are just a few names from his long list of clients:

Universal Studios, MGM, Disney, The United Nations, Microsoft, John Deere, AXA insurance, Pratt & Whitney, Rogers, Kodak, National Bank (National spokesperson as an actor and vo for tv radio, web and print, porte parole national radio, télé et imprimé), Sunlife, Loto-Québec, Gaz Metro, Infiniti, Starbucks, SAIG Multinational, Ontario Health, The Canadian Armed Forces, Radio Canada (French CBC) and so many more….

Rick Gordon
T: 613-257-7425

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Experienced, Professional Voice Talent

His “believable” and “friendly guy next door” style makes this VO talent applicable to both sexes and most age groups. Rick Gordon is a full-time freelance voice over talent who has over 30 years experience. Working from his home studio, Rick’s areas of expertise include: Corporate Narrations, E-Learning, Telephony, Radio/TV commercials, PowerPoint audio, website audio and informative projects for industrial audio/video applications. He has a “Reliability Security Level” with the Government of Canada.

His clients include: Education City, Alcatel, Nortel Networks, Mitel, JDS Uniphase, Leitch, Alstom, The Institute of Canadian Bankers, Statistics Canada, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Meriton Networks, Jacques Whitford, and many more.

All projects come with an indisputable guarantee.

Rick is the Founder of,, and Co-Founder of

Female Voice Talent