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Male Voice Talent

Neil Hess
Email: Neil Hess
Web: Neil Hess
Phone: (503) 341-2750

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Neil Hess has used his youthful, professional friendly voice for years to reliably deliver quality work to his clients. He has done eLearning for fortune 500 companies, Hilton, Time, SalesForce and many others. He also uses his 10+ years as a classroom teacher to deliver reads in a way that makes the content easy to digest and engaging.

Hilton, Salesforce, Time magazine, Seaton Hall University, Pandora

James Holmes
Email: James Holmes
Web: JamesHolmesVoiceover
Phone: (843) 580-8055

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Clients: Many of my Clients work with me under a NDA but here are a few I can share:
Northeast Georgia Health Systems
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
HealthComm Services

Josh Albert
Email: Josh Albert
Web: JoshAlbertVO
Phone: (614)595-3557

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After nearly 20 years working as a civil engineer, Josh Albert found himself at a cross-roads in his career. He opted to follow advice that had been given to him off and on over the years and began voicing audiobooks, commercials and of course, E-Learning. His engineering experience means he knows a technical term or two and how to pronounce acronyms as real words. He also understands the need for comprehensive and engaging E-Learning as well as meeting tight deadlines for delivery of a final product.

Justin Torres
Email: Justin D Torres
Web: jdtvoiceover
Phone: (408)-463-8323

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Justin D. Torres is your neighbor who helps grandma with the wifi. Over the past ten years, Justin has been working on projects that need to be communicated with articulation, care, and patience but still be fun and energetic. His studio, based in New York City, has a Sennheiser 416 microphone, Source Connect Standard setup, and a custom made computer built for editing with a workflow that speeds up the whole process.

When it comes to production speed, turnaround is usually within 8 hours depending on size. With over 400 five star reviews (available on request), join the hundreds of companies from Marvel to VISA, Honeywell to Nintendo, who have trusted their brands to Justin D. Torres.

Client List:

VISA, Nintendo, Marvel, PBS, GQ, Ben & Jerry, Amazon, Scholastic, Equinox, Volvo, Zipcar, Planet Fitness, Honeywell, Simon and Schuster, Truesight, Salesforce, Liveworx 2018, Final Four Fan Fest, The San Francisco 49ers, and many more.

Ian McMullin
Phone: (626)-393-8603
twitter: @IanLars

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Ian began his voiceover career creating spot-on imitations of the characters that make up his well-traveled life and wowing corporate audiences, in business and finance presentations, with his Midas voice. Along the way, this son of an Airforce Officer and Speech Pathologist earned degrees in mathematics and management from Whittier College, an MBA in finance and strategy from the University of Michigan, and later completed his CPA.

Ian’s voice has a deep, rich, authentic quality and velvety structure that sounds like your trusted advisor, mentor or friend – invoking empathy, confidence and natural authority. He intuitively knows how to connect to your story (whether it’s 30 seconds or 3 hours long), and is passionate about getting your audience to connect to your message.

With 20 years of Fortune 100 corporate finance experience under his belt, you can expect corporate standards of professionalism, 24 hour turn-around times and impeccable customer service. Ian will not rest until you have what you want, when you want it and how you want it.
In his off time, Ian enjoys being a part of the Minneapolis Improv scene, getting outdoors and playing golf & tennis, practicing yoga, and trap shooting. He’s a passionate advocate for Men’s Mental Health Awareness, Alzheimer’s Research, and The Limb Preservation Foundation.

Ian’s clients trust him to produce lasting results for them and pure listening luxury for their listeners – and so can you. Book Ian McMullin today, and find out why so many agree that everything he voices turns to gold.

Fischer Skis, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard University, Bridgestone, Dr. Structure, DRA,

Les Horovitz (Australian)
Mobile: +613 0414559106
Office: +613 55217637

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• Bachelor of Economics Monash University
• Extensive training from Voice Over artist Abbe Holmes
• Training from the Radio Training Institute
• Listed on several Voice Over websites
• See my personal website –

Recent Projects
• For the past 5 years I have hosted 2 shows on local Portland community radio – 99.3fm.
• Voice overs for local sponsorship and community service announcements
• Voice Over for local independent movie trailer ‘Red and Black’
• Narrator for local movie about the effect of climate change on coastal communities

• Narrator for You Tube animation – Flea in a glass jar
• Narrator for You Tube film – The Narrator
• Seven West Media – voice over about the Employee Shareholder Scheme
• Assetic – elearning videos on ‘how to’ use their software. I have produced to date well over 40 recordings for this client as well as their IVR.
• Elearning VO for Lingual Consultancy Services
• Elearning VO for BTS
• Various promotional reads on Western Sydney Hip Hop (internet radio station)
• Audiobook – ‘Everyday Ethics’ now available on Audible

Home Studio
• Ability to produce high quality voice overs from my home studio with a quick turnaround
• I use Adobe Audition, have a Shure microphone and a portable booth (SE Reflexion Filter)
• I have a wide range in my voice with the ability to do characters or a narration.
• Voice Description – Warm, Authoritative, Trusting, Guy Next Door, Sincere, Believable

• Powerhouse Productions (
• Assetic (
• Bts (
• Risk Sound (
• Western Sydney Hip Hop
• NKDC (
• Holdcom (

Peter Baker (British)
Phone: +44 7831231869

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I have been an independent professional voiceover for over 30 years covering a wide range of outputs. I have worked as a presenter on live TV and radio at Piccadilly Key 103 in Manchester, BBC Points West News in Bristol and ITV Granada as well as being the narrator of various broadcast programmes and strands as well as a wide variety of other VO work, but since 2005, I have been a freelance full-time professional voiceover with my own broadcast quality studio in England, which is used for recording master recordings directed via ipDTL / ISDN or Skype, also useful for recording custom demos for agencies and direct clients before any session at their own studio.

You can see a selection of my TV commercials, corporate films and documentaries with my narration on my home page. I am very experienced audio editor using Adobe Audition, and also an experienced video editor with Adobe Premiere Pro (BBC and ITV Granada trained and experienced) so I can sync my voice to existing commercials and films to get the timings correct and export master HD video files if required.

1975 – 1982 Piccadilly Radio, Manchester – Presenter, In-House voiceover
1982 – 1988 BBC TV, Bristol – News and Features presenter & voiceover
1988 – 2005 ITV Granada, Manchester – Presenter, Voiceover, Producer, Director also radio programmes for KEY 103, Signal Radio, Great North Radio, BBC Radio Manchester
2005 – present Freelance international voiceover and in-vision presenter

Some recent clients: Vodafone, Samsung, Microsoft, MSC Cruises, Lego, Volvo, Samsung, BBC, Siemens, BMW, Rádio e Televisão de Portugal, VW, Pepsico, Jaguar USA, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Arcadis, McDonald’s, HPI, Chomp Casino, Hovis, Regus, Linde, Virgin Media, Tata, Linde, Premier Foods, Unison, Blackberry, Bank of Cardiff (USA), Bunzl…

Henri Heyraud (French European, Parisian and South of France accents)
Phone: 1-310-877-1770

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Residing in Los angeles, experienced French native male voice over talent, with good command of French European, Parisian and South of France accents. Warm and deep voice in a natural middle age range. Top of the line home studio, equipment and a full time availability. Recent clients: Samsung, CA Technology (commercial), Toyota, Motorola, Halopets (film narration and translation), John Deere, Studio Center, Philadephia Museum…
Narration, E-learning, Corporate, Commercials, Timed and Un-timed.

John Kissinger
Phone: 248-520-0037

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John Kissinger has engaged, entertained, and educated learners from all over the world. At last count, he’d personally taught or trained over 50,000 learners from more than 70 countries…and that’s not counting his eLearning voiceover work!

As a professional voice talent, John has trained with some of the best voice actors, voiceover studios, and voice coaches in the business. And, he continues to train diligently, to provide you with unparalleled voiceover service and support.

As a learning professional, John is an American Business Award-winning instructional designer, a certified Master Trainer, a two-time graduate student in adult instruction and learning design, a former Adjunct Professor of Global Learning, and a learning strategist supporting global brands with their eLearning, training, customer experience, and culture change efforts.

John knows that what you do is both an art and a science. It’s challenging work that’s easy to underestimate. But it’s incredibly rewarding work when the finished product takes on a life of its own. Let John help you breathe life into your masterpiece and get it across the finish line on time!


Recent work:
• Ford Direct
• SKF International
• Domino’s Pizza
• Ford Customer Experience Movement
• Xperience Communications
• Johns Hopkins Mediccine

Greg Thomas
T: (904) 377-5636

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Greg is a 25 year veteran of the voiceover industry who has delivered thousands of projects for clients in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Other professional experience includes training employees for a Fortune 100 company, and serving as partner in an oil and gas investments company. He has performed volunteer work in prisons since 2008.


Male | Range 40-50 | Non-Union

Voice Description
• Deep
• Warm
• Authoritative
• Knowledgeable
• Trustworthy
• Friendly
• Relaxed
• Believable
• Gravitas

Industry Niches
Corporate and Industrial Narration, Commercials, eLearning, Medical Narration, Compliance and Safety Videos, Financial Instruction, Inspirational Guidance, Documentaries, Politicals, Audiobooks.

Featured Clients:

New York Red Bulls • • Irwin Vice Grips • Suddenlink Communications • CSX Transportation • Pelican Kayaks • DuPont Pioneer • Coastal Chemical • Brugal Rum • Wounded Warrior Project • Project Management Institute • SMS Audio • Gaumard Medical Simulators • Quest Integrity Group • Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale • Lions Eye Bank of Texas •

Jack de Golia
T: 702-575-1373

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A veteran stage actor and spokesman, Jack brings depth, warmth, and character to voice-over work. Jack will give you winning, ahead-of-schedule reads of for eLearning and other long-form work.

He can narrate your entire e-learning program, and perform characters you may have within your script, all believable, precise, and warm.

A native of San Francisco, Jack has a “neutral American accent,” and yet is also a versatile character actor, with accomplished accents in High British English, Russian, Spanish, Texan, German, Southern, New York, and rural Western American English. A seasoned voice actor, Jack has pleased clients in commercial radio, internet, and corporate video and audiobook narration.

It’s been said he has the voice of “every man’s man.” He’s your average Joe, trustworthy, funny, friendly, ironic, upbeat–your neighbor.

Jack’s home studio has a “Studio Projects C1″and a VO 1-a mic, X2U signal adapter, a MacBook Air, and TwistedWave for creating professional, clear sound. Jack has phone patch capability and by prior arrangement, ISDN, ipDTL, or SourceConnectNow.

Jack holds a BA in Dramatic Art, and graduated with High Honors from the University of California, Davis. He offers a unique blend of both acting skill and knowledge of natural resources, gained in over 30 years as a ranger and public affairs officer with 3 federal land managing agencies.

E-Learning Narration
Web and PowerPoint Narration
Voice on Hold messages
Commercial, audiobook and industrial voice work

E-Learning Clients:
Sight & Sound Services, Pat McAbery.
Marathon Petroleum, Joe Brewer
Reify Media, Sarah Glova
Cutter Rig Productions/SBC Global, Doug Picard
Performance Development Group
Digital Ignite, Rachel England
Xperience Detroit, Steve Leslie
Dynamic Language, Seattle, Danielle Weatherbee
SweetRush, on voice roster (multiple jobs)
Executive Forum, Gregg Hinnen

Tom Dheere
T: 973-216-3808

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I have been the young, friendly, energetic, sincere sound of thousands of projects over the past 20 years. I specialize in e-learning narration and have extensive experience narrating commercials, audio books, industrials, Explainer Videos, and more. I can record from home and deliver files electronically as needed. I can phone patch via Skype, Google Hangout, or Source Connect Now.

Narration and eLearning Clients:

Ballard & Tighe, Cambridge, Educational Testing Service, Houghton Mifflin, McGraw-Hill, Nat Geo Learning, Oxford University Press, Pearson Learning, Prentice Hall

Alcatel-Lucent, BASF, Friendly’s, Kohl’s, Kraft, Mars Corporation, Medivation, Nestle/Nespresso, Nike, Pfizer, SHARP, Sports Authority, Togo’s

Colin McLean (British)
T: 441362 853595

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British-based professional voiceover artist with an international client base; professional member of World Voices Org. Stage background both as Actor and Director; British Equity member. He has also trained professionals in presenting and public speaking for many years, as well as presenting national TV series.

E-Learning Clients Include:

Phillips, Royal Free Hospital (London), IZITravel, Hewlett Packard, Upilot (CRM), Bank of Cardiff (Del Mar, CA)

Michael Orenstein
Phone: 818-850-1485

E-Learning Demo

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With a science background in cellular and molecular biology and 30+ years behind the mic as a touring comedian, voice actor, college lecturer and radio personality, I have the expertise to translate your material into clear and compelling audio.


My client list includes:
• Anthem, Inc./Blue Cross of California
• Capital One
• Edward Jones
• Nestle
• Novartis
• Rittal
• Sonic
• Sony
• Volvo
• Warner Brothers

I’ve spent my entire life telling stories and helping others share theirs. From lecturing college students about creative visualization in the sciences to training interviewers of Holocaust survivors and documenting asylum-seekers’ harrowing journeys, I’ve learned how to absorb and deliver information for maximum impact.

I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to tell your story – be it a narration, an eLearning module or a presentation. I know how to humanize any copy and make it relatable, understandable and dynamic for your target audience.

Derek Botten
Derek Botten Media
Phone: 519-851-5339
Skype: derekbotten1

E-Learning Demo

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Derek Botten has many years in front of a microphone recording radio/TV commercials, instructional videos and presentations. He has also gained traction in recording audio books and documentaries. Derek has a friendly, casual read and can easily offer higher energy, urgent reads. He has an expressive, pleasant straight read with excellent diction and enunciation. Full time voice actor with speedy turnaround times!

Partial Client List:

Papa John’s Pizza
Carhartt Socks
Sealy Mattresses
Go Daddy
Yahoo Summer Sports
Foster Grant glasses
UCLA School of Engineering
Carlsburg IPA
Marriott Hotels
Asia Pacific Investment Partners

Nick Wyard (North American English & British)
Phone: 416-737-3964

North American English

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I am passionate about representing your business or project in the best possible way I can – to bridge the gap between the words on the paper and your audience. Your script and your story are what matter most, and you can trust me to deliver them properly and with the expertise of someone who can patiently instruct.

My clarity and relatability make me a valuable part of your team, and I want you to think of me as a member.
It should be noted that I spent 15+ years in Health Care, so dense medical terminology is comfortable for me.

I also was raised in the UK and North America, so I can deliver both accents with equal authenticity (or even give you a blend) – this gives you more variety to tell your story the right way.

Let’s work together!


Recent Clients:
Canadian Tire
Canada Post
Bank of Nova Scotia
Bank of Montreal

Jeff Hoyt
T: 206-714-5280

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Jeff’s larynx is hard-wired to his home studio on beautiful Vashon Island, making him available to you right this instant via phone patch or free ISDN. His voice has been called resonant, rich, ironic, likable, unique, smooth, and uplifting.

Here’s what a few folks who hire him had to say…

From clients:

“The best thing about Jeff is that he gets it. Regardless of the script, he understands how to approach it and when you give him direction, he nails it. Working with Jeff means less time in the studio and happy clients.” – Rudy Fernandez, Fernandez Creative/Atlanta

“Jeff has a voice and style that immediately makes any brand feel grounded in reality and utterly trustworthy. He’s the voice of the best friend whose advice you value.” – David Edgerton, Jones Advertising/Seattle

From studios:

“If Jeff’s voice were an eye, it would have a twinkle in it.” – Vince Werner, Clatter & Din/Seattle

“Jeff’s voice comes across in a cool, wry, contemporary, next-century kind of way.” – Brent Marshall, Metropolis Post/Salt Lake City

“We’ve all met folks that we seem to immediately click with and feel like we’ve known our whole lives…that’s Jeff’s voice.” – David Greaves, Soundscapes/Little Rock


Jeff enjoys helping clients succeed and will record audio meant for client presentation for FREE, with no obligation to hire him should the project see the eventual light of day. He’ll also record pro bono for non-profit organizations that support children’s causes.

Rick Barr

Cell: 614-302-9665
Skype: barr2674

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Rick Barr provides a very deep, smooth voice that is ideal for just about any type of voice over project. With a naturally serious, authoritative, yet friendly tone, he can add a unique quality that you won’t find anywhere else. He takes all of his work very seriously, and will work with you to deliver exactly what you want. This includes taking direction well, assisting with scripts, and delivering professional-quality audio, always meeting deadlines.

Rick is very passionate about voice overs, and you’ll see that enthusiasm come through in his work!

As a freelance artist, Rick has completed audiobooks, commercials, provides weather reports for several radio stations across the country, and hosts and produces a radio show in Columbus, OH called “The Music Room With Rick Barr”, an hour-long program on WGRN 94.1FM that highlights a different local musician each episode.

He has completed work for:
-Beacon Audiobook Inc
-Radio Forecast Network
-Waverly Area Veteran’s Post
-DoubleScreen app

Doug J Philip

Contact information:
cell #: 1-604-818-1500

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39 year pro with a smooth, rich, full-bodied voice that is able to handle any type of read – from hard hitting to intimate and everything in-between. Authority, compassion, humor and conversationalism are all within my repertoire. I am very easy to work with and take direction extremely well. I am also a pretty good writer.


Free-lance commercial voice work for over twenty-five years including such clients as Coastal Ford, Vancouver Plymouth-Chrysler, Carter Honda Motorcycles, Shamin Jewellers, Manning Park Resort, Heritage Duty-Free, Haagen-Dazs.

Industrial narration for Hong Kong Bank of Canada, Ritchie Brother Auctioneers.

Gene Tognacci

Contact Info:

Cell: 832-419-1373
Skype: Gene.Tognacci

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I’m an explainer. A teller of truths.
When you have a significant story to tell, an important message to deliver, or a complex lesson to teach, I enable your audience to absorb it with ease.
Specialties in Medical, Computer Tech and Oil Patch.
In addition to Narration and Elearning Work – My experience includes acting in 33 anime titles 11 short stories 3 feature documentaries and one toy truck (saying “EXXON, Rely on the Tiger”)

Here’s What My Clients Say:
Nailed it first time…..:”Gene is.Mr. Smooth”.
“Gene’s narration read is real story telling”
“Gene takes direction with no attitude and delivers a believable read that sells your message.”

The New York Times called my narration of the documentary Nuts! “irrepressibly chipper”
The U.K Guardian said I “details everything in a flat American homespun way”

Partial list of clients:
American Express, Anadarko Petroleum, Anheuser Busch, BMC Software, BP, CeMex, Chevron, Coca Cola Foods, Conoco, Continental Airlines, Daimler Benz, Dell, Dennison Chilli, Cadillac, Diamond Shamrock, EXXON, General Motors, GMC Trucks, J.C. Penney, K Mart, Maytag, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, McDonalds, Microsoft, Pfizer, Sheraton, Shell, Subway, TransOcean, Waste Management
And Hundreds More!

Gary Furlong (General British, General American, Irish accent, Japanese)

Gary Furlong Voice Overs

Phone: +353872746457

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Gary is an Irish audiobook narrator and voice over artist with a flair for accents and dialects.
Throughout his life he has worn many a hat: He has worked as a teacher in Niigata, Japan; a puppeteer in Prague; an improv artist in Memphis, Tennessee and worked as a singer and actor all over Ireland. He started narrating audiobooks in late 2015 and hasn’t looked back.
He has over 10 years of experience as an improv artist and excels at character creation.
He has been an audiobook narrator for over two years and has made huge strides in that time, acquiring an impressive client list.
When he isn’t in the booth talking to himself Gary likes to write comedy, play guitar and practice Judo.

Gary has lived in and traveled all over Japan, has lived in Texas, worked in Memphis, and has been all over Europe.
He can perform in a General British, General American and Irish accent to a native level and can speak Japanese fluently.

JBC Cox E-learning
Tantor Audio
Audible Studios
Harlequin Audio
Forever Young Audiobooks
Dean Crawford Author
Cat Sebastian Author
Brian David Bruns Author
Frank Kusy Author
Ednah Walters Author
Greg Howard Author

Alain Cadieux (French Canadian)
T: 450-585-8101
C: 514-994-8101

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Alain Cadieux is one of the main recognizable voices in the Montréal and Québec Province market. He is heard daily on radio on commercials, television in commercials, narration and film dubbing, and on telephone systems. According to BOS Advertising Agency, Alain is one of the top 3 voice over artists in Québec!
Alain has more than 32 years of experience in radio, television and voiceovers.

Alain Cadieux est l’une des voix prédominantes dans le marché Montréalais et Québécois. On peut l’entendre à la radio dans des publicités, à la télévision dans des publicités et des narrations ainsi que des films doublés, et en téléphonie. Selon l’agence de Publicité BOS, il est l’une des 3 meilleures voix au Québec!

Alain a plus de 32 ans d’expérience en radio, télévision et voix commerciales et narratives.

Voici une liste partielle de sa longue liste de clients.
Here are just a few names from his long list of clients:

Universal Studios, MGM, Disney, The United Nations, Microsoft, John Deere, AXA insurance, Pratt & Whitney, Rogers, Kodak, National Bank (National spokesperson as an actor and vo for tv radio, web and print, porte parole national radio, télé et imprimé), Sunlife, Loto-Québec, Gaz Metro, Infiniti, Starbucks, SAIG Multinational, Ontario Health, The Canadian Armed Forces, Radio Canada (French CBC) and so many more….

Rick Gordon
T: 613-257-7425

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Experienced, Professional Voice Talent

His “believable” and “friendly guy next door” style makes this VO talent applicable to both sexes and most age groups. Rick Gordon is a full-time freelance voice over talent who has over 30 years experience. Working from his home studio, Rick’s areas of expertise include: Corporate Narrations, E-Learning, Telephony, Radio/TV commercials, PowerPoint audio, website audio and informative projects for industrial audio/video applications. He has a “Reliability Security Level” with the Government of Canada.

His clients include: Education City, Alcatel, Nortel Networks, Mitel, JDS Uniphase, Leitch, Alstom, The Institute of Canadian Bankers, Statistics Canada, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Meriton Networks, Jacques Whitford, and many more.

All projects come with an indisputable guarantee.

Rick is the Founder of,, and Co-Founder of

Mike McGonegal

T: 603-300-8275

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Mike’s e-Learning fortes are both the IT and software fields, as well as the medical field. He has over 15 years of experience in providing IT and software training and support for clientele of all levels, which has allowed him to develop his vocal style such that it draws the listener in to make learning easier.

Narration and E-Learning clients include: Merck Pharmaceuticals, Boehringer Ingleheim, Astellas, Ingersoll Rand/Schlage, U.S. Army Signal Corps, Scotts Lawncare, Philips Corporation, Patni, Novo Nordisk, MAW Telecom, Palladium Group, Satyam, Roberto Brambilla Associates, Global360

Dan Hurst (English & Spanish)
T: 816-478-8774

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Extensive national and international experience. Dan is one of the few truly naturally bilingual voice talents in the business. His English or Spanish is completely pure and authentic.

E-Learning clients include:Coca Cola, Ford, Sprint, Hallmark, BMW, McDonalds, Subway, Station Casinos, and countless smaller clients.

Jud Niven
T: 403-369-6441

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Jud has a smooth, easy to listen to voice that is best suited for technical or medical type narration. Jud Niven is an experienced 27 year veteran of voiceover. He’s been doing voice work and audio production since 1983. In 2002 he left radio to concentrate strictly on voiceover work and built a State of the art, fully digital home studio and he specializes in Narration and e-learning narration. Jud can deliver high quality, professional audio with a 24-48 hour turnaround time depending on the size of your project.

Client List:

Star Alliance/United Airlines
Dow AgroSciences
Rocky Mountaineer Vacations
Enmax Energy
Samaritans Purse
Canadian Armed Robbery Training Associates Inc.
Calgary Transit
City of Calgary’s 311 Phone System
Calgary Police Service
Centre Point Non-Profit Management
Remington Gun Safety
New York University
Paint & Decorating Retailers Association

Female Voice Talent